Waldorf Multipication Wheels

Want a new and fun way to teach Multiplication to your students? Maybe a more visual and artistic way? Look no further than Waldorf Multiplication Wheels! My philosophy is that a picture is way better than words and a video is even better, especially when learning a new foreign concept.

This is a video of one of my first graders, age 6, successfully completing and begin to conceptualize what multiplication really is.  Wanted to preface this with his age simply because he struggles with some of the math but grasps the idea behind the wheel quickly and readily!

Interested in giving this a try in your classroom? You can buy the my set of Waldorf Multiplication clocks online right here! My kids absolutely BEG to do these in class and think it is the best thing ever. I am a firm believer that we make multiplication too hard with all our fancy terms and crazy ways of doing it. Bring it does to earth for your little scholars, teach it the way they learn! Let me know how it works in your class!

Buy here.

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