Say it, Move it, Write it (Phoneme Segmentation)

Do you need a new way to help your students with phoneme segmentation, blending and all around phonemic awareness? Look no further! I came upon this idea from a lady at a LETRS training and fell in love with it but couldn't find any work mats that I adored. So I made my own!
My packet includes 8 different variations to meet all your learners needs. Some had just a box and line. Some had the box, line and space to write and some have phoneme boxes (3,4,5 phonemes).

So how do you use them? I put the work mats in transparencies so that they can be used over and over as well as be written on. Here's what I do...
  1.  Give students a work mat of your choice as well as counters (cut up felt, construction paper, unfix cubes. try to make them different colors)
  2. Students should put the counters in the large box. For lower students give them the amount of counters as there are phonemes in the words. For higher students given them 5-6 counters.
  3. Say a word for the students, this could be a spelling word or a word with a digraph etc.
  4. Students should repeat this word back.
  5. Students segment the word into individual phonemes while bringing down the counters.
  6. After all the counters are on the arrow, the students say each sound and then blend the word.
  7. You can ask children to tell you the first sound by touching the counters, medial sound etc.
  8. Continue with other words.
 You can grab the Say it, Move it kit online right now! Give it a try and let me know! :)

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