Ms. Smith is New too (AKA We Will do this Together)

On the first day of school as little ones dressed in green and khaki walked into my classroom, I was nervous, like really really, nervous. Most of my kids smiled, giggled and jumped right into our first activity. Let's face it, Ms. Smith was the most anxious one in the classroom. Most of the children had a cousin or even sibling in the class, and if not they knew a child from last year or from Church. I was the new kid.

Just as we started morning meeting a shy little girl walked into my class with tears down her face. My goodness, was I this small at 5 and 6?! I gave all the kids an activity and walked over.

I don't know anyone. I am all alone. She gasped between sobs.

Take a deep breath. Baby, can Ms. Smith tell you a secret? Can you keep it?

She nodded at me and the started to breathe.

Now, Ms. Smith doesn't know anyone either. This is my very first year here, this is my very first year teaching my very own class. I am really nervous. Are you nervous like me?

She looked up surprised by what I can only assume is the shock that comes alongside an adult telling you something very honest. Side note, kids are so aware that we spend 99% of our lives playing a game, lying and skirting around the truth with them.

Ms. Smith, you don't need to be nervous. I can be your friend.

That my friends changed the tables. Instead of me taking care of her, this little one started watching out for me. When I stumbled over all my papers at the front of the room, she picked them up. When no one answered my, what I thought, was a simple question, she made an attempt. More or less this little one became incredibly brave so she could be my friend and make me less nervous.

After the morning was over, I walked over to this little girl and said sweetie thank you so much for being my friend. I think it makes things so much better with friends.

In what can only be a child's wisdom, she looked at me and said, okay, but Ms. Smith, I think friends give each other hugs. Can I have a hug?

Totally honey, anytime.

Teaching about Magnets (and giveaway winner!)

Well week one of school is officially over! I have to say I picked a rough week to begin this blogging journey! ;)

By rough week I mean, I barely slept and constantly worked on school, it did not help that the number of littles in my room was constantly changing the first few days of school. Things have seemed to fall into place now and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!

Those who know me well will not be surprised to heart that my classroom is incredibly hands on. Most everything we did this past week was tangible! I also adore science and try to incorporate it everyday. This past week we kicked off our class by learning all about magnets and the continents!

Just like every new teacher I had every day planned to a T and then... you know... life happened and schools happened. Halfway through day two I realized we would not have any specials, meaning I had 45 minutes of time totally not even thought out none the less planned!

I frantically searched around the room while praying that the kids would stay in their seats to let me find, something, anything for them to do! In the far back of a cabinet I found some foam and grabbed it along with a zip-loc bag full of small paper clips. Great we will make boats, I thought to myself, thinking that there was no way that my kids would go for boat making for the next 40 minutes.

I was so wrong. So wrong.

Each child got a small piece of foam, scissors and a paper clip. I told them to cut the foam any way they pleased and to come sit on the rug with me when they were done. Secretly I was praying the foam would actually float with the paper clip! I grabbed a plastic bin full of random tidbits and threw them to the side, using the container as a small lake (yes there is blue food coloring in there!).

When the kids came to the rug I showed them how each boat could hold the paper clip (YES!), and that we could use our magnet wand to move the foam boat around our small lake. The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED this activity. And yes, they stay entertained for a solid hour, we lost track of time and missed some of writing workshop! Whoops!

Thank you all so so much for participating in my little giveaway and so sorry for the late announcement (I said I would get it up yesterday!). After much thinking and awwing and maybe tearing up a bit I am happy to say that Anna Paulson won the gift card. She touched my little heart as she is also a 1st year teacher just struggling to get basic school supplies in her classroom. Anna I just sent you your giftcard! ENJOY!

Hello! Oh and a giveaway!

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Is this blog not the cutest thing you have ever seen?! Yukari did a fantastic job with every single part of this design! I was incredibly vague and unsure of what I wanted this blog to look like, I told her a color scheme and a few things I enjoyed and my goodness LOOK!

When she sent me the initial banner prototype I was in professional development and squealed so loud that two people asked me what had happened. Whoops! But y'all I was THAT excited. I recommend Yukari whole heartedly. ;)

You are welcome to check out my about me, or just read the next paragraph! ha. I am a Seattle transplant to the Mississippi Delta. Yes, it is as much of a culture shock as it sounds! Not only that, but I am a Social Worker turned K/1st grade teacher and a Montessori/Waldorf enthusiast. I live in a small town of 1,800 people where everyone smiles, waves and says hello. I am not sure I will ever return to the big city after this! I have a small store on teachers pay teachers (that is about to get a face lift!) of supplies, specifically Montessori inspired products.

To celebrate my new blog I am going to run a small contest of sorts! I know so many people use rafflecopter but my goal is not to pull people into following my blog etc. I have been so blessed by TPT through the years and wanted to pass on the love through a $50 gift card!

So instead of a random drawing for you following my blog (or TPT or facebook!) I wanted to have those entering leave a comment about one or both of the following things:
  • What will you use your TPT gift card for and how will it change your teaching/classroom?
  • Why do you deserve this giftcard? 
You are welcome to be as serious or funny as you wish! I will choose my top 5 favorite responses and then have a random drawing from there for a winter.

Now get to commenting!! Entries close on August 12th at 11:59 PM and a winner will be announced on August 14th!!

(Please make sure to include an email so I can contact you if you win!)

Come back tomorrow for my classroom reveal tour!!

Kelsey xo

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