Making Grammar Relatable and Fun

It is no surprise that I absolutely adore alternate methods of teaching. Most of my lessons are taught as hands on as possible. My 1st graders have full access to different Montessori inspired trays that vary from grammar, math, to science based activities.

When my class began learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives most classes spent hours circling nouns and underlining verbs. And yet, the kids just weren't getting it. So I whipped up some different sentence identification sheets and printed out some Montessori grammar symbols. I unfortunately do not have access to 3D grammar symbols so instead I used a red rubber ball and some pyramid blocks that I painted. My kids LOVED the hands on approach to truly understanding what a verb was (it moves, rolls, just like a red ball), as well as adjectives and nouns.

This has been a work on our shelf for a month now and when I went to take it down the kids begged to keep it! Such a great way to add some Montessori inspired activities into your public school classroom or homeschool. I have the sentence identification card shown above, plus some more available here or here.

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