Ms. Smith is New too (AKA We Will do this Together)

On the first day of school as little ones dressed in green and khaki walked into my classroom, I was nervous, like really really, nervous. Most of my kids smiled, giggled and jumped right into our first activity. Let's face it, Ms. Smith was the most anxious one in the classroom. Most of the children had a cousin or even sibling in the class, and if not they knew a child from last year or from Church. I was the new kid.

Just as we started morning meeting a shy little girl walked into my class with tears down her face. My goodness, was I this small at 5 and 6?! I gave all the kids an activity and walked over.

I don't know anyone. I am all alone. She gasped between sobs.

Take a deep breath. Baby, can Ms. Smith tell you a secret? Can you keep it?

She nodded at me and the started to breathe.

Now, Ms. Smith doesn't know anyone either. This is my very first year here, this is my very first year teaching my very own class. I am really nervous. Are you nervous like me?

She looked up surprised by what I can only assume is the shock that comes alongside an adult telling you something very honest. Side note, kids are so aware that we spend 99% of our lives playing a game, lying and skirting around the truth with them.

Ms. Smith, you don't need to be nervous. I can be your friend.

That my friends changed the tables. Instead of me taking care of her, this little one started watching out for me. When I stumbled over all my papers at the front of the room, she picked them up. When no one answered my, what I thought, was a simple question, she made an attempt. More or less this little one became incredibly brave so she could be my friend and make me less nervous.

After the morning was over, I walked over to this little girl and said sweetie thank you so much for being my friend. I think it makes things so much better with friends.

In what can only be a child's wisdom, she looked at me and said, okay, but Ms. Smith, I think friends give each other hugs. Can I have a hug?

Totally honey, anytime.

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